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There are many reasons to walk a labyrinth:

celebration, solace, clarity, strength, insight, find an answer to a problem, and also to quiet the mind.  Our current culture has developed an entire industry committed to expertly vie for our constant attention with information and noise.  The labyrinth is the perfect defense tool, as it meets each person where she/he is and gives exactly what is needed, even when there are multiple walkers on journeys at the same time.  As we pass others and are passed ourselves on the path, the labyrinth journey becomes an allegory for our lives where we can escape and remember who we really are.  This journey is especially good at helping walkers uncover hidden, latent potential and find a place for its expression in the world.

There is no "wrong way" to walk.  You choose your pace which may change during your journey.  Although there are 11 circuits in the grass and paint medieval labyrinth here at Grace Church, there is only 1 path.  You may want to pause at the entrance to center your thoughts and remember a specific intention.  After starting don't be disturbed if other things come up in your thoughts, gently brush them aside.  If a specific idea keeps reoccurring, you may want to take note of it as something you need to deal with later.  Following the path will take you not to the "goal" but to the center where you may stay as long as you like.  When you are ready to leave the center, following the path will return you to the entrance.  This returning may be a place where insight occurs; you may be able to resume your same concerns with renewed strength.  There are no "mistakes":  while walking into the labyrinth you may find yourself back at the entrance or walking out you may find yourself back at the center.  If this occurs be aware most walkers realize that is exactly where they should be and start again.

Our 36 foot labyrinth at Grach Church is in the front yard on Bowman St. by the education wing and chapel door.  You are welcome to park in our church parking lot around back anytime to walk.  We are a city church and there is some degree of street noise.  You are welcome to aid concentration with a personal walkman or ipod type device, but I suggest downloading Gregorian Chant or quiet New Age Jazz type music to be used exclusively for this purpose:  something quiet that does not remind you of anything and keep the volume ver low.   Allow yourself 45 minutes to an hour for the approximately 1/3 of a mile walk. 


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