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On Sunday, February 6th, 2011 The Youth Group and  their friends spent a wonderful afternoon at Snow Trails.  Father Joe and Eric Saterfield joined the eleven teens on the tubing slope. As you can see by the happy faces, a great time was had by all.


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On Sunday, October 24th we had one special service at 9:30 a.m. followed by a Power Point Presentation from our Youth Group with a wonderful pot luck lunch to follow.  Our Youth Group was in charge of the entire service that morning and we had a special sermon from Sheila Sipes-Jones. 

Thanks to everyone that participated to make this such a special day!


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Hello Everyone,

 We are back from a wonderful 6 day trip to Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Washington D.C. .  Wow ! What a great time learning and bonding.

Our visit to the original Jamestown site was shortened due to an incoming storm with dangerous lightening . The Park Rangers advised us of the danger so we took no chances.  During the time we were there, we  talked to the head archeologist working on a dig site  and viewed the reconstruction of the first Jamestown Fort. Very interesting!

 One of the highlights of our visit to Colonial Williamsburg was a chance to attend a Holy Eucharist service in the historical Bruton Parish Church. Bruton Parish  is the church  where George Washington, Patrick Henry, and Thomas Jefferson attended when the legislature was in session. The group was very pleased when Cody was invited to light the candles on the alter before the service. The Reverend Mary “Mollie” Douglas Turner officiated.  Thanks Mollie for your warm welcome !

 Our trip to Washington DC from our home base of Williamsburg was filled with viewing the many memorials to WWII, the Lincoln Memorial, a trip to the top of the Washington Monument, a tour of the Capital Building, including the gallery of the House and Senate chambers, the National Archives, pictures in front of the White House and the chance to visit several of the Smithsonian Museums.

  Our visit to Arlington National Cemetery provided a chance to reflect on the sacrifice so many have given for us.  Nothing can be more sobering than watching the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown.

Our final day saw us at the National Cathedral.  The tour of the Cathedral provided us with so much information about it’s history and construction . Bradley Ann was able to answer the guides question about which President is buried in the Cathedral!  Before leaving the Cathedral and driving home, the Youth lit candles in the War Memorial Chapel (one of several chapels in the Cathedral) in honor of the generous donations given to the Youth group for this trip. The War Memorial Chapel contains a stone cross made of the stone from the Pentagon following the 9-11-2001 attack. The Children’s Chapel is built to a smaller scale with lower ceilings etc.. Located at the entrance is a statue of the Christ Child with outstretched arms( built to the scale of a  six year old) which invites you to hold it’s hands. Several of us experienced a warm feeling while holding it’s hands. The stained glass windows are spectacular!  Even so, several of in our group commented “I like our windows better!

 Once again, thank you to everyone who made this trip possible.  The experience was phenomenal !


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